Introducing SpeedVitals Alpha Version!

The team at SpeedVitals is extremely delighted to announce the Alpha Version of our tool.

We have built this speed testing tool while putting a great emphasis on the Core Web Vitals. This is why at the heart of our tool is Google’s Lighthouse, which is the same tool integrated with Google Chrome and Google’s Pagespeed Insights.

SpeedVitals HomePage

But SpeedVitals isn’t just another Lighthouse-powered speed testing tool. We have built many custom features such as Device-Specific and Location-Specific Test, Waterfall Chart, and visualization of Layout Shifts.

With SpeedVitals, you can now perform Web Vitals tests from 9 locations around the world on more than 10 devices!

SpeedVitals Report

We are currently building a feature that will automatically suggest the exact steps you need to take in order to improve your LCP and CLS Scores.

But that’s not it, we are just getting started. We have an enormous list of features that we will be introducing over the coming months. Stay tuned!

Here are some salient features of our tool:

Loading Strip and Web Vitals Report

Loading Strip and Web Vitals Lab Report

Resource Graphs

Resource Graphs

LCP & CLS Elements 

LCP CLS Elements

Layout Shift Visualized


Web Vitals Field Data

Web Vitals Field Data

Waterfall Chart

Waterfall Chart

Performance Boosting Guides


Give SpeedVitals a spin at!

If you run across any issue or if you have a feature request, please write to us here.

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